Language Learning Software


Bientôt apprendre l'anglais sur Android
Coming Soon After! English - learn English on Android


Much much more than many language learning applications which offer little more than flash card vocabulary learning. This is a serious language learrning application from beginner to advanced using tried and trusted methods and materials.


Anglais.mp4 (7.79Mb) First video of work in progress (no sound) (2:15)


The starting screen. Shows course notes and exercises in a list for each level. The level is changed by swiping right or left. The date the excercise was run is shown in green on the right. The icon indicates what kind of exercise will be run. This page shows the relevant part of the course notes. It is fully browseable and can be zoomed etc. Snakes and ladder game. Questions in text or picture form are presented. If the player reponds correctly they progress up the board. As in the classic game landing on the head of a snake descends and at the foot of a ladder ascends. Flash card for learning and practising vocabulary. The text can be read aloud by the Android Text to Speech engine. All the text can be turned on during learning and then switched off and revealed with a touch to practise.
Wall is a game to help learn vocabulary in a fun way. A touch shows the correct translation. If the student is correct (honesty is required here) they can swipe to remove the falling word. Words which fall and touch the wall destroy the wall. The score is the percentage of total words correctly recognised. Conversations can be stepped through and the text read by the Android Text to Speech engine. A translation of the phrase can also be displayed. The converation can also be played integrally Mutiple choice exercises ask a question and give four possible answers. Incorrect responses are marked in red until a correct response moves to the next question. The score is the percentage of questions correctly answered first time. Dictionary word for word lookup. French-English and Engish-French. Touch the search icon and type in the search word.
Simple question and answer pairs. All the answers can be displayed during learning and switched off for practise. The answers can be read by the TTS engine. The course document also contains information required to complete certain exercises including personal profiles, family trees, maps etc. Picture question and answers. All the answers can be displayed (and read out loud if desired) during the learning process and switched off to practise.





The Architecture

The core module of this package is language neutral. To function it requires a language specific module to be added. This module contains all the course material which defines the program as English for French speakers, Spanish for Italian speakers or indeed any combination of two languages. Note that: English for English speakers is a valid combination to deal with the "any other speaker" case. Of course, this version will lack translation and dictionary options.

Please feel free to contact me if you have ideas or comments. Now is the time to strike. If you are bilingual and know how to structure a language course ... and would like to help develop materials I would happily consider entering into collaboration.